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Pierce Oja had a very good meeting in Federal Way, Washington January 16th-18th. He got 3 Scholastic All-American times; the 50 Free, 100 Free and 100 Breast.

He earned 2 state records as well; one being the 50 FR where he tied the oldest men's record from 1988 at 21.28, and the second being the 50 Breast, which he set in the 1st 50 of his 100 Breast stroke.

Pierce also broke 3 BAC club records; the 50 Free, 50 Breast and the 100 Breast. During the meet, he swam 5 events and dropped approximately 6 seconds. All of his swims were best times.

This young man not only holds a 4.0 GPA, but has really worked hard with Coach Mitch Crouse in the pool and weight room and has made time to make a positive impact in our community. We are very proud of him and honored to have him call Billings home.

Other meet news:
BAC Won the Powell Winter Festival with over 2000 points, while the next team in 2nd place scored 1200 points and Billings Y was 4th. BAC ran no relays at meet. Wow, I don't need to tell you that teams don't normally win without relays.

We swam 308 events with 18 1st time swims or 6% new events. In the other 290 events, we put up 175 BT or 60% improvement. Now that's a great job.

We are still trying to remind our swimmers to stay on their backs for backstroke and use legal kicks for fly and/or breaststroke, but the DQ's were less then before so we are hoping that's a good sign. We had a lot of great swims, and Mitch and I took a lot of notes to help us improve even more.

I think we were both speechless this morning and fighting the bug that's pelting our team. But hey, BAC has now swum 2 weekends in a row. So as you read on try to keep your socks on because our kids did very well.

Most Improved swimmers Brayden Arnold dropped -143 secs, Joshua Allen dropped -137 secs, Hailey Pilcher dropped -72 secs, Hung Huynh dropped -62 secs. Ashley Sherrodd dropped -49 secs, Rheana Zaino dropped -40 secs, Long Huynh dropped -37 secs, Ayden Ingraham dropped -34 secs, Ben Stiles dropped -33 secs, Rachel Hirschi dropped -29 secs and Ethan Harder dropped -29 secs to name a few.

Top swimmer award goes to swimmers that swam perfect events: Rheana Zaino with 10 events and 10 best times. Hailey Pilcher with 9 event and 9 best times. Parker Friday with 8 event and 8 best times. Ben Stiles with 6 events and 6 best times.

Since we did not have a swimmer do all perfect events and a new swim this weekend, I changed the award a little. Coaches 5 Star award goes to these swimmers due to their dedication and willingness to give 100% all the time even though their names aren't in the lights but yet have qualities that are very deserving of an award: Katherine Allen, Hannah Hirschi, Katherine Christensen, and Merci Hodges. We are very proud you.

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